Thursday, September 28, 2023

The first step...


Hi everyone, my name is Jaeson, and I'm a musician....
[Hi, Jaeson!]
Okay, so, uh, this is my first time sharing, sooo... I guess it all started when I was about 12 and started listening to AC/DC, and I was kinda hooked. I got my first guitar at 13.
[man, I started young too...]
[yeah, me too...]
I started my first band at 15, and we played - like, a lot. We used to do shows at clubs in the city until like 2am sometimes. That went on until I was about 24, when my band mates kind of grew up, I guess, and got adult lives and jobs and I had nobody really to enable me anymore...
[makes all the difference, man...]
[sometimes that's all it takes...]
So I sort of grew up after that too. Got a good job, got married, started a family, real respectable adult stuff, y'know?
[Good for you!...]
[Yeah, sounds like you made it, right?...]
[You survived, man!]
Yeah, well that lasted a long time, like a good 25 years. I mean, I'd play a little...[ooooh...!]... I- I mean, just a little, now and then, to kind of relax, y'know? And it was like totally under control, I thought...
[Yeah, you think you can play just a little, right?...]
[Oh, I been there too...]
Then I started writing again though. And I just, kinda...kept doing it? It felt pretty good, and honestly, it - well, it still does. And I kinda don't wanna stop now. I mean, maybe I don't have to?
[Hey man, I gotta be honest, it kinda sounds like you're not ready to give it up.]
Yeah, maybe you're right... maybe-... maybe I won't!
–To Be Continued...–